May 24,2022 🤍🌼The Writers Journey 🌼🤍

Top of the morning 🥰Kings 👑 & Queens👑 today I’m not gonna say too much this morning. I’ve worked on Lecia profile I’m almost finished with it.

Yesterday I dropped jewels on a Writers Conference coming up on Twitter. The Writers Digest Conference July 28-31, 2022 go to my Twitter Page to get more info. The Conference gonna be held in New York City. I’m praying they go virtual. But if you can , try going and have a ball.

Today is gonna be a relaxed day I want y’all to take a selfcare day why not today? Make it a Spa Day or something . Pamper you.

✍🏾Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing ✍🏾

Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out


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