May 24,2022 🖤🗑The Ninth Poetess Chronicles🗑🖤

Greetings 👑kings&👑queens love y’all I wanted to comeback on here and talk about Wednesday Weekly Writing Prompts ideas gonna be brand new I’ve came Up with Power Up Professions this week gonna be Nurses in the age of Covid , Flu, Monkey Pox and War. They are the Super Hereos from a different planet. So I have a fun array of exercises that is Nurse based. I will be doing Power Up Professions till I run out of ideas or come up with something different. And keep in mind all the professions I come up with may not all be legal professions to keep content full spectrum😜😝 imma keep it fresh and new for y’all. It’s been feeling like I’ve been going in circles. Let me know if I’m repeating content. I’m trying not too.

Weather At Ninths: It’s been Cold and Rainy trying stay warm with my Heat Pack my Aunt makes,

My Auntie News: Great News Great News I Have for y’all . My auntie has her Etsy page up and running it’s not quite done yet not all of her crochet/ knitted items are loaded up on the site yet. But she is close when she gets closer I’ll release the name of her page. Stay in the Mix…🥰🤩

Menu At Ninths: Burger King Fish sandwich Fries and Fanta.

I’ve been doing Selfcare today keeping me together. Gonna work on profiles as I wait for some emails to come through. I’ve been neglecting the emails, shame on me. I’mma do better. I gotta know people may want to get in touch with me. I’m so much in my own bubble I forget I’m a resource to people.

Welp imma relax and possibly start on Something y’all crank out some dope WIPS todayBless y’all Love Yall🥰🤩🤓

📙Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing 📙


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