May 23,2022 🧡🗑📙The Writers Journey 📙🗑🧡

Top of the morning 👑Kings&👑Queens I have some fire news today. I want to announce Between the NOW Group Site and the Twitter Platform NOW Group has 100 + followers/Members and always Growing I’m so humbled and I invite more to explore all the things at NOW Group. Bless all of you.🙏🏽🥰🤓🤩

Website News: New Webpage on the Site called : Mondays Showcase Lounge It will Showcase all the Authors and supportive people in the craft we all love and use. I’ll be sharing their links and what I think of them. This page will be Positive and encouraging and possibly maybe you will be on the Showcase. How to get on the Showcase email me you must have a website platform where we can find you and check you out. ✨Stay In The Mixx✨

PS give me a minute to update the Showcase Lounge today I have some work to do. 2 people will be showcased Niobia Bryant and Beverly Jenkins . On Twitter I’ve Showcased Niobia Bryant already. I’m doing the same thing on Twitter as well. So get ready for that.

Working On WIPS: I’ve finished 2 templates over the Weekend and today I’m on one half way finished. I’m on Lecia. Then after Lecia possibly Pain and Knox even though they don’t have a big part in the book but imma think about working them in some how they could be enemies to The Dragon Gang since they don’t have Xavier’s money they jumped ship and they went to work for Murder/Mayhem Click which is ran by Yoh Chiang need to make a profile of the enemies and the Drug Connects I have my hands full. I need to Stay in the mixx…😆🤣😳 my goal is by this Weekend I’ll be working back on dialogue content that’s my hopes.

Menu At Ninths: sautéed California veggies garlic herb couscous veggie meal later. With coffee.

Weather/SafetyAt Ninths : it’s rainy this week so I’m in my element🥰. Great days for Craft. It’s been quiet and safe and that always a good thing. No Unwanteds. 🙅‍♀️🙅🙅‍♂️☠️

Welp let me get to starting my day and finishing my coffee and updating Monday Showcase Lounge on NOW Group Site and Twitter. Can y’all handle the dopeness ? stay in the mixx… I love y’all I want y’all to have a beautiful writing week this week remember it is May Writing Madness go for it and make the rest of the month work for you and your benefits. Bless It🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽TTYL

Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out

🖤🗑Try journaling your vents out in a notebook or file. It’s better out than in and most times you don’t want therapist or friend to know what’s going on in your head it’s ok to writing out then shred at a later date or delete it later it’s a euphoric feeling when you know you’ve gotten through the worst you vented about and your on to something positive try it out and Stays In The Mixx….🗑🖤


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