May 21.2022 ✨The Golden Writers Hour✨

Top of the morning 👑Kings and 👑Queens This morning been Epic I’m on London’s profile half way through it. I finished Jazie’s this morning as well. I figured after I finish Enaji’s Profiles I’ll get back to working on dialogue/content for Enaji-O. One book at a Time. Also I need to make Profiles for the connects since they play a huge part in the story after I finish the KG’s ( Killer Ghost) ill make ones for their Connects and the Enemies in which I have two different ones in the states is Murder/Mayhem Crew aka M&M Crew in Belize it’s the Guerrilla Locos Click These are fictional crime boss crews Xavier Crew is called The Dragon Gang / Or the Dragon Empire. The Big Man loves Dragons He has his whole body tattooed in a full length Dragon and other smaller tattoos to tell a story. Just a little exclusive inside scoop back story on Xavier. You Heard it here first.

My Auntie is ex military So I had to wish her a Happy Armed Forces Day Anyone serving and risking their life everyday to protect our forgetful and ungrateful behinds (I say this with love) give your loved ones a hug or a call who’ve risk it all for us heathens the armed forces military and officers of the law deserves the world if you can afford to give it to them . I’ve express my love everyday to my Auntie. That’s the Spill🥰 don’t take my name calling personal was just trying to prove a point that we as people forget about celebrating these people while their alive give them their flowers while they alive and well. It will warm their hearts or take them to lunch make it a big deal.👮🏾👮‍♀️👮🏾‍♂️🚔🚓 couldn’t find emoji for Soldiers I want soldiers up too. Firefighter are armed too Well they can be 🚒🧯👩🏽‍🚒🧑‍🚒👨🏽‍🚒 celebrate all those who keep us safe daily because they don’t haven’t too they could get a office job or something like that. They could be working at the gym or fastfood. Fastfood workers get paid more than some politicians do. Don’t Count It Out. Some politicians need to mess around and apply to fastfood restaurants real talk and switch professions that’s a whole nother story for Politicking At Ninths I’m stop or I’ll go all the way into a full blown Rant. Bless it in the Morning Amen 🙏🏽

I had to delete a lot of content because I went into uncharted domains where the Unwanteds lurk . I had to reel myself back to land. I was in uncharted waters. I apologize.

Imma end this post I’m in my feelings and I’m trying to stay happy today . Sometimes just have to stop thinking about madness stop watching the news do other things in life productive and supportive of body heart and soul and mental. Do self care. And it’s ok to do this. Try no news for a day or two see how free you can be from not taking in War War War Racism Racism Racism Mass Shooting Mass shootings Mass Shootings Elections Elections Elections Gang Violence Gang Violence Gang Violence. Criminals Criminals Criminals it’s draining It’s Negetive it’s meant to be in Hells fire 🔥 and I’m tired of it. Me personally not watching the news till Tuesday next Week we will see if I succeed.

Welp dearest Loves thanks for Rocking Out Get your Daily fix of the Site keep your eyeballs planted on a WIP. I love y’all dearly. Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing Stay in the Mixx…


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