May 20,2022 💚❇️Weekend Writers Workshop❇️💚

Weekend Writers Workshop

Poetry: Stick To The Weather

Write a poem Where the weather made you feel like you was in Heaven or Hell. Talk about Mother Nature and all her wonders and glory. Don’t leave Anything out Don’t Count your Pen( Mind) Out. Keep it fresh and new. Any style. Any form

Always Have Fun


The Urban Fiction Destination

Read a Urban Fiction Novel not Urban Fantasy But, Hardcore Urban Fiction by Authors such as Sista Souljah“ The Coldest Winter Ever,” Teri Woods “ True To The Game,” Kwan “Animal,” Joy Deja King “ Mafia Princess,” Ashley & Jaqauvis “The Cartel” Any and all of these and more I haven’t mentioned will suffice . After reading decide whether or not you want to try writing Urban Fiction or at the very least a Crime Fiction or Thriller. These type of books will have you hooked so read a few but be ready to write when the time is right and you will know when that is. To help you on your writing journey there’s a book called “ The Writers Complete Crime Reference Book by Martin Roth” this book is essential to have in your collection of books on craft. You can find this book anywhere books being sold New/Used . Attempt to start your WIP when you feel your Muse go into overdrive then your ready.

Screenwriting: Study The Screen& Attempt to Start a WIP or Two.

Get a sample script from and study it use the Script Terms from movie outline link I have on the Wednesday Weekly Writing Prompts page also read Syd Field’s book Screenplay : The Foundations of Screenwriting. You can find this book anywhere books being sold New/Used

Non-Fiction: 🚧Not This Week: Under Construction 🚧


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