May 20,2022 💗🌸The Writers Journey 🌸💗

Top of the morning 👑Kings & 👑Queens how are y’all doing this early morning? I say it’s a Grandiose day to schedule writing time today and over the Weekend. What are y’all working on that has your attention this weekend? What do I have planned? I’m working on templates profiles I want 5-7 done by Monday so I have a fresh week for new WIP We will see if I make it.

The song birds are singing when they sing it means it’s gonna be a Gorgeous day for Craft.

Menu At Ninths: I have Couscous today for my broccoli garlic sauce hopefully that’s still good I’ll smell and do a little taste test. In a way I want to cook my own frozen mixed veggies. and sautéed them up with some onions and minced garlic Bomb🥰🤩😋

Weather At Ninths: from Friday on into next week 60-70 degrees. Weather for the Elite.I love it 🥰 perfect weather.

Safety At Ninths: Never did find out as to why the Police was called yesterday across the street for the most part I mind my business but surely I’m curious to know. Other than that it’s been super quiet and safe if the song birds singing and there close it’s safe.

In the Library At Ninths: In order for me to use my time up wisely and not sleep myself into slumber from depression I have to occupy my time with something kind of productive so imma read something whether it’s my own work which would be ideal or a book on Craft The Writers Journey by Christopher Vogler he is legendary. To have him in your library of books, it’s a must. You can find this book anywhere books being sold just about.New/Used . Don’t Count Used books out you can get Used books for a fraction and they be of great quality.

What’s Going On Today?: Weekend Writers Workshop I will try to have this up and posted before the Arch Angels cut the lights on if not that’s okay just know it will be posted in a few winks. Working on Templates today almost half done with Jazie’s my list of characters got a little longer imma list the K.G’s aka Killer Ghost Xavier security aka hit men.🚨 These are Fictional characters with fictional professions, Just letting the masses know.🚨

Welp let me jump into the Workshop and get that out to the Masses Stay in the Mixx

🌸Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out 🌸


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