May 18,2022 🤎🐪The Happenings On Hump Day 🐪🤎

Top of the morning it’s 3 am and Today is National Visit Your Relatives Day. Make sure you call ahead first that would lessen the anxiety for someone. Just dropping by unannounced is a no go 🙅 ❌.

Menu At Ninths: I have Coffee I went Monday without it. Felt like a week. Today I have broccoli Garlic Sauce I may see if I can find some Couscous in the cabinet I feel like some comfort food no meat day. Who says you need meat every meal going without it most days is ideal. It might put years back on to your life who knows. 🥦🥦🥦✅

Working On WIPS: yesterday the time I did spend awake I worked on DaLosse’s profile. I’m on Page 10 I’ll finish his this morning. Jazie’s is next.

Twitter News : I know I said I would give y’all they Exclusive post and Ideas and their is still room where I can. But, I’ve decided to use Twitter to Showcase some of my favorites in the game(Authors Writers Screen Writers) which I find Twitter extraordinary place to do this at. I may be able to communicate and rub elbows with the Elite in the business. It makes me excited imma try not to geek out and faint if I get replies(Tweets) back. That would be Grade A “Awesome” this week I started showcasing with Niobia Bryant. Go on over to my Twitter Page to learn about her. She’s Dope and has many genres she writes in something for everyone.

Wednesday Weekly Writing Prompts : this week prompts gonna Rock the House like Thunder in your Bones. Stay In The Mix… will be working on Prompts for the Masses (Friends& HeartBeats💗). Will be Announced soon give me a few winks to get the ball rolling it’s early yet.

Weather At Ninths it’s been storming the past few days I personally love it 🥰 need the water. Not the Tornado AKA The Big One🌪❌🙅

Welp let me get these Prompts up Before the Arch Angels cut the lights on. I have some things to do today Dive into Craft it’s Hump Day Start planning your Weekend days. What are you going to work on? What do you need finished by next week? Are you on deadline? Well let me tell y’all something imma put me on a small deadline to see how much I get done by next Week I have 3 characters I want done London (Runner for Bryan& DaLosse), Lecia-(London girlfriend/Enaji Associate), Natasha- (Monsters Woman )and Charles (Monster best friend& Right hand man), these Profiles may give more ideas for dialogue and world building and I’m here for it🥰🤩🤓✅💚 these are a fictional cast of characters for my novel (Enaji-O “ The Adventures of Enaji) the novel is apart of “The O Street Series”

Dive into Craft today make today EPIC just because. Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out

✍🏾🖤Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing 🖤✍🏾


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