May 16,2022 💛🍼The Writers Journey 🍼💛

Top of the morning🥰 I have some thoughts to get off my chest and good news on Craft.

Politicking At Ninths: It’s a conspiracy about this infant formula shortage months ago farms let milk that wasn’t getting shipped fast enough go down the Damn drain and it could’ve been getting made into baby formula. Why ? Someone dropped the ball. All companies was it a strike or something? Is it Population Control. Was not the Pandemic enough death. Now the higher ups at these companies getting aroused seeing how much power they have over the masses these poor babies need food. What is wrong with people? Don’t you eat? Let these babies eat These Babies that’s not eating each day should hurt your consciences forcing people to choose between risking their baby health to get a meal in their tummy. The choice of do I give my child powder milk for baking or evaporated milk and getting Type 1 Diabetes Allegedly or flat out starving these babies. That has to be Horrifying all these days is something out of a Horror/Sci Fi/Thriller movie but real life documentary it’s Horrid. Go pick up this milk from the farms so they don’t dump gallons upon gallons in the sewer system. The sewer don’t need it these babies do. And the plant based soy milk formula makers have no damn excuses make the dag gone ish. It’s ridiculie . That’s the spill 🤬😤😡 Y’all should already know how much power y’all have you charge way too much for the damn formulas and Now These hard working parents will pay with their souls to get food in their child’s stomachs who was the one who agreed to cut off the supply y’all put soy milk on shelves for the masses you put regular milk on shelves for the masses. Work still getting done in other avenues what happened to production of formula what happened? I have no kids but I feel so bad for these babies. Is it the beginnings of Dooms Day or some weird ish what’s next? The World is definitely trying to repeat itself from 100-200 years ago. What happens next won’t surprise me at all. I just don’t know That’s the Spill.

Working On WIPS : I worked on DaLosse Template Found out I made a Typo Lecia isn’t his girlfriend Jazie is . Lecia is London’s girlfriend. They are supporting characters too. I’m itching to work on dialogue today but imma keep the story where it’s at it at a fun place to start

Menu At Ninths : Left over Chinese from yesterday.

Medic At Ninths : I feel better today yesterday was a blah day. I slept most the day but I did get up and work on Craft

Welp let me get up and start this Monday yall dive deep in y’all WIPS today get a running start of the week Capture the Day today. Maybe time will be on your side today it’s still early yet.

Make Today Count,Don’t Count It Out that goes for everyone

💛Stay in the Mix….💛


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