May 15, 2022 🧚🏽💚The Ninth Poetess Chronicle’s 💚🧚🏽

Top of the Day 👑Kings&👑Queens what a Grand Day🤩💚. Perfect for Craft.

Working On WIPS:Yesterday or maybe Early morning today I finished ✅ Samantha’s- Bryan’s mother Profile/Template now today Imma start DaLosse’s and after his profile Lecia’s – Enaji Best friend. Then add the supporting characters that’s gonna take some rereading of my own work. That’s ok It gets me excited. Then start on The Makings of Mena Cast of Characters. This Series gonna have a million and one Leads/Supporting Cast and I’m here for it. I got a twist to the plot of Enaji-O Storyline yesterday and wouldnt have came up with the idea if I hadn’t been doing these Templates so I’m Thanking Reedsy here and imma thank them over on Twitter too today. It’s a Powerful Ending I came up with. Im still plotting and coming up with storylines for the series surprising myself as it all unfolds I have some work to do today🤩🥰🤓✍🏾✅

Menu & Medic At Ninths : today I’ve had Pineapple 🍍 and coffee and I’m not feeling the greatest but imma push through the day later imma have some oatmeal slathered in butter and sugar cinnamon and vegan sausage which is bomb😋 I feel narcoleptic so I better hop to it

It’s a beautiful craft day and Time going faster than a jet plane I started this post 5 am this morning I’ve been sick stopping on and off. Imma skip on over to Twitter and Thank Reedsy for their Template . It’s acting as my muse 🤓✍🏾🥰🤩🖤

✍🏾Welp let me get on with my day Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope& Keep Writing ✍🏾


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