May 14,2022 💚🍍The Ninth Poetess Chronicle’s 🍍💚

Top of the morning Kings👑&Queens👑 it’s Saturday and a grand day to work on Craft. I’ve posted Lyrics 4You Writing Prompts this morning it’s Doper Than A Scope🤩 get in the mix with that.🥰🤩

Today is beautiful out get out and enjoy your farmer markets and craft shows and festivals. Whatever your city/town got going on go check it out network. Pass out your business/author cards. Let people know what you do. Might get a lifelong fan of your work. Print out a chapter of your work /a Zine: Blog 1 Has definition and examples on YouTube. hand it out with your business card tell them where they can purchase a copy of the book. Participate in the the shows if you can. If your not ready to network this year make that a goal for next year and you maybe have a book published in that time . That would be dope.

Menu At Ninths: I had pineapple and coffee it don’t go together but it hit the spot. Don’t know what I’m having today for dinner. Possibly fastfood but I don’t know or I’ll have a cheap thin crust pizza as y’all know I love the cheap ones.

Safety At Ninths: right now it’s loud outdoors. Hopefully whatever they fixing they go on somewhere. My nerves is shot. But I’m safe just tired of the noise.

Working On WIPS: To Be honest I’ve missed 2 days of Craft. Imma gonna dive in Today. 🤓🥰🤩☕️✍🏾

Welp imma TTYL Stay in the mix with the Updated Content this week. Enjoy. Work on those WIPS.

Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out


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