May13,2022 👑🤓✍🏾The Writers Journey✍🏾🤓👑

Top of the morning 👑Kings & 👑Queens Happy Friday the 13th I want y’all to go to Twitter and check my page out I’ve been chopping it up over there this week. Follow me on Twitter as well I catch myself venting sometimes over there disclosing maybe a little too much . I’ll try to keep the exclusive info to NOW Group Site from now on and direct my Twitter followers to our Sites/Pages. If I can. It’s been difficult wish it was easier.

Safety At Ninths: it’s been quiet and safe I guess. I guess it’s quiet and safe until it ain’t and I pray it stays quiet /safe I savor and bask in the quiet safe days

The Ninth Agenda; Plans today. Take a nap I’ve been working doing some dailys this morning . Get up in a few hours work on Craft. If you been up since 3 am like me shut ish down a few hour then start all over again your WIPS will be there. No harm in taking a break.

Welp I’ll be back in a few. Bless your day start your day mines started early. How the old saying go. The early bird gets the worm. Like I’ve said before it’s Wild Kingdom where I’m at this deserves a story that I’ve learned a terrible fact from watching a PETA video very interesting and disturbing video I’ll tell the story when I wake up my favorite people on the planet 🌎 🌍🌏.

Stay in the Mix…

I’ll be back in a few winks TTYL


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