May 13,2022 🦉Wild Kingdom Story At Ninth’s🦉

Remember I told y’all one early morning maybe around 3-4 am I heard a animal scream almost sounded human and yesterday I saw a PETA video where they were allegedly experimenting on Owls basically torturing them allegedly and it was a sound bite could hear the owls scream sounding like it could be human. It’s a special place in hell for animal abusers. Some things is off limits I don’t care about if it in the name of science. Where and when did college educated people lose all common sense hearing this owl cry? How could they sleep at night or live another day in the world when they are the ones creating madness. Hence they are mad scientist. Bless my owls take care of them. They are beautiful care for them. When did they become a hot commodity for scientific experimentations? It’s sickening. These people going down the list of animals in the world to F*** with. Its Horrifying. Leave these majestic animals alone let them live. Somehow it’s not letting me post the YouTube link. That’s ok it’s horrifying anyway. I wish I could I unhear the screams. Watched another PETA video it shows the scientists and goes in depth in to this tragedy.

I probably wouldnt be going off about this if me and my mother didn’t have that encounter with that owl years ago. It’s a funny scary story we shared together. I’m not an extremist heck imma meat eater on occasion it’s just Owls are majestic like anything thing else in nature beautiful. And that’s the spill.

PS:Politicking At Ninths:let’s do like the Native Americans do and only kill what we need to eat. Stop unnecessary poaching for skins unless we using total animal for everything like the Native Americans. It can be done then people like me won’t feel bad eating and can honestly make a argumentative statement about elephant poachers (stop F-ing with my elephants )their the most Majestic next to whales and dolphins. and seamen that go out to kill dolphin by the thousands maybe millions to harvest more fish and seafood stop slaughtering these animals these creatures got more sense than some adults who don’t take care of their kids. These animals got sense enough to nurse and teach their babies skills they need to survive on their own. So that’s unnecessary murder of an animal. Stop killing animals we don’t eat for their skins or for medicinal purposes that’s not covered by or backed by any scientific information and it spreads disease. That’s allegedly how we got into this Pandemic we been fighting off now. Pangolin and Bats are meant to be left alone. Never knew what a pangolin was until the pandemic started these creatures eat the creepy crawlies let them be so they can do there jobs they arent food or medicine. Sharks aren’t food unless you plan on using the whole animal whale and seals aren’t food unless you using the whole animal like the Native Alaskan People only kill what they eat. When did us humans get so darn greedy and heartless? It’s conspiracy right now cant find a can of dried infants milk. What is it made out of to where all these companies stopped production? My aunt had to tell me you can’t use evaporated or dried milk because Allegedly it gives the baby Type 1 Diabetes. Do your research. But I’m thinking what is it made out of Plants? If so what in the H. E. Double Hockey Sticks is going on? Somebody need to get into the business of making a baby formula to feed the masses and become a overnight trillionaire lets get in the mix…

PSS If baby Formulas made from plants how come they stop production? Liquor made from plants too Shelves are fully Stock one will give and support life the other if abused can end your life and may be someone else’s life. That’s the spill Get these babies their food or imma know something.(Thinning the herd)


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