May 13,2022 🖤☕️Weekend Writers Workshop☕️🖤

May 13, 2022

🖤✍🏾Happy May Writing Madness✍🏾🖤

Poetry, Fiction & Non-Fiction

I have a treat for those wanting to Go Traditional Publishing. What may I have for your eyeballs and Writing Worlds? Heres the link: Poets& Writers. Their website is so beneficial for Poets, Fiction, Non-fiction Writers check out their database when the time is right


I wouldnt forget the screenwriters this week. I have a great resource for you guys and gals Here’s the link : I want to let yall know they have a Writers Summit 2022 Pay- what- you- can June 25-26, 2022 Check out their Writing Competition and their categories they have. You might not be ready this year but next year they will possibly have the same categories give or take.

Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Screenplay:

Writers Digest Conference 2022 will be July 28-31 Here’s the Link: Check out the the Workshops and Keynote Speakers. I believe this year is gonna be doper than a scope. They Have some of my favorite people thats gonna be there. That’s the spill ya’ll !!!

I felt this week was a good week to put a apple or carrot or Golden Nugget in the forefront to keep you pushing along this Writers Journey we call Life Because Writing and Reading to us all is Absolutely Our Lives. And we have to take care of our gifts by giving it time and knowledge. And this conference is gonna give you just that.


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