May 12,2022 ❌The Writers Journey ❌

Hello Y’all I’ve been upset about Unwanteds just having the gumption to invade. But I digress. Trying to be discreet if I can’t share with my crew just don’t know then.😭 fraudulent people have a special place in Hell if they are still bothering people in this day and age. 2022 and you still bullying and F-ing with people get a grip on your life because you got me too gone.Blasted Unwanteds.

Im done ranting😭😭

Menu At Ninths: The Burger King impossible whoppers in affect. No coffee this morning but I’ll have some tonight .

Working On WIPS : gonna work on some template’s profiles tonight I’m up for it and possibly journal I’m tensed and need to vent properly wish I could vent to the HeartBeats and Friends but the Unwanteds lurk about.

Welp dearest people of mines I love y’all I want y’all to have a great night and tomorrow Weekend Writer’s Workshop will be posted so stay in the mix,,,,

☯️Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope& Keep Writing ☯️


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