May 10,2022 💚🐢The Writers Journey 🐢💚

Top of the morning 👑Kings & 👑Queens. I hope y’all are ready for Craft today. Our WIPS not gonna get down on a page by itself. It’s not spilling out of our ears ready to be drafted. We have to put in the work every waking moment. After every sentence the length given is a reward. Gotta chase after that feeling on a regular.The inspiration and motivation pushes to get to a finished draft of something extraordinary. I yearn to make it.🥰🤩🤓🖤

Tomorrow is Wednesday Weekly Writing Prompts get ready.

Dreams Of Ninth: This is what I’ll die for if I was given a chance. I want my Series each one I work on, on the silver screen. On any Streaming services or all. Netflix. Tubi, Apple +, etc… Whatever is out there easy to access. Namely Netflix and Tubi Tubi has Black Cinema section which is ideal. And Tubi is free to access and easy to access on all devices just about. The O Series, Bossie “An Omaha Love Story”, Shanti: Princess of the Savannas Series, The Lights, The Brothel: Story of the Precious Gems,Etc… I have more and I want all of them on the screen. Stephen King has my expectations high but anything in between the galaxy and knee high/ deep I’ll settle for. I’ll settle for independent film rather than a motion picture. I think independent films are most interesting and dope. It gives your work character. This is my dream# High Goals # That’s the Spill. This is my carrot/apple/golden nugget🥕 🍏🥇that pushes me on my writing journey . Always find and look towards your reward in the end if you running out of steam on your WIPS maybe your Editing and ready to pull your hair out and deadlines is due. Once everything is finished plan to pitch to agents that’s exciting that’s fun showing interest in your own work to make someone else get interested in it. It feels good to have someone backing your work up. I don’t have a Agent yet but when I’m ready imma make sure they go to bat for me to win this thing called life. They gotta be a straight hustling fool but not to hustle me. If that makes sense I have to trust them.Thats the spill.

Menu At Ninths : yesterday I had leftovers and burger/fries pineapple/Banana I ate 2 meals but I fasted in between time I also had coffee too. Today imma have Garlic broccoli and shrimp and rice I wish I had A egg I would fry my own rice up but imma fry up some shrimp and onions toss my broccoli up in there and my rice in a skillet bomb maybe cut a apple up in there to give it more nutrients, freaking tasty.

Working On WIPS : Templates getting worked on I started Bryan mother Profile yesterday early morning. Yesterday was a long day could have worked more on Craft but the Sandman took control I did work on craft though look at yesterday post Working On WIPS: Wilamena Storyline . I was so excited to showcase her story because she starts it all.

Welp imma get up and have a cup of coffee possibly☕️🤓🥰🤩 I’m half way up time going fast this morning I hear the Song birds singing eating up all the worms in the yard always. Something in the yard attractions all kind of birds song birds ducks owls hawks Wild Turkeys it’s Wild Kingdom At Ninths I don’t understand it. One early morning it was somekind of animal out there yelping for bloody murder like it was getting attacked or something cat dog raccoon opossums. I don’t know but it was loud. I’m still in the area to get Coyote and Mountain Lions and Deer and Wolf. Could have been anything . And I ain’t going out there to see. I had enough out there running up on that huge owl Years ago with my Precious Moma. I blacked out because I don’t remember how I got back in the house so fast. We was doing yard work and boom there goes this huge owl sitting on the gutters ready to pluck my eyeballs out.🙄😬. 🦉🦉🦉 the owl has comeback too. I’ve heard him recently Damn bird will outlive the masses and still be alive when the Almighty Returns. This is Realism. 🤭🤣

Welp imma TTYL my Hearts 💕 Everyone is my HeartsBeats this morning yall rocking out with a Sista Gal. 🤩🤓🥰 Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing ✍🏾

☯️Capture The Day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion ☯️


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