May 9,2022 🖤✍🏾Working On WIPS ✍🏾🖤 Wilamena’s Storyline

Top of the morning my 👑Kings & 👑Queens imma warn y’all now this post has Spoilers for the Series overall mainly from the book The Makings of Mena The story of Enaji’s grandmother and grandfather. The Prelude to this Prequel is gonna light a inferno of action packed goodness.

Wilamena grew up on a farm in Mississippi Her family were Sharecroppers and purchased land from a ex slave owner family that gives them hell every chance they get. They still have their hand in her father and mothers pocket to where they can’t get ahead. At age 12 she was practically grown and jack of all trades. From Hair to moonshine to making Friday Fish dinner plates to building houses and tending to the land she was where ever she needed to be. But she swore to herself she would move her family out of the south and she did just that. One night she was 15 making a liquor run to drop off some Primo hooch that everyone couldn’t get enough of and she almost got robbed but someone was robbed of they life that dredful day that’s right Wilamena killed a man she was a great hunter and knew how to use a gun if she had too and she did. Her father helped get her out the Delta and they speculated and they assumed it was another man who killed the man never could’ve been a woman it was a close call. She kept going North until she reached Chicago Illinois the land of the milk and honey. She was 15 and alone but one thing she had on her was the hustle. She had everything she needed with her two hands a sack of potatoes and her mouthpiece and enough money for a room for a couple months her own personal savings first thing she did was read the want ads front to back like the good book. And from there she meets some colorful characters even her future husband who tried to out hustle her but he learned his lesson quick. They both become a dynamic duo. And so much even happens before she go into the service as a nurse assistant turned full blown nurse learning on the job in the Vietnam war. She was a fast learner and was good at what she did. This is where I’ll stop this is my layout of how the beginnings gonna go some with some colorful dialogue through out sprinkled around. Historical to present tense it’s a lot of ground to cover and I don’t want to rush it. Stay in the Mix…..

This morning imma work on Templates but I’ve just plugged in Content in this post so I’m writing and it Counts Don’t Count This Out Yall it shall suffice. Brain Fog and All..

Oh get your self over to Ninth Poetess Twitter Page I have some spoilers on my aunts business she’s starting up. So learn about it and get ready for it. 🤩🥰🧶🧶🧶

Bless y’all this morning get ready for the day have coffee. ☕️ breakfast of champions having a coffee, Man that’s all you need. It’s a food group by itself.🙄 ( it’s not but it works)

TTYL Friends and Family

☯️Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing ☯️


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