May 6,2022 ☯️Weekend Writer’s Workshop☯️


Write a Pantoum based on nature that may have some reflections or similarities to your life. Use nature as metaphors in your poem. Have an open mind like (places in natural landmarks(places –>wonders of the world in nature), animals, gems, insects, the galaxy, plants, Volcanoes, Geysers, Seasons, Elements, etc…)

Example of Pantoums 

*On a sheet fill in the blanks with your poem*

Stanza 1





Stanza 2

B (Repeat B)


D (Repeat D)


Stanza 3

E (Repeat E)


F (Repeat F)


Stanza 4

G (Repeat G)

I (use A or C)

H (Repeat H)

J (use A or C)

Fiction/ Screenplay

This Relationship Is…..

Write a novel based on Loving Relationships, Toxic Relationships, Friendly Relationships Make the lead characters lives intertwine. This can be any genre. This could be a series. A sci-fi👾 or a Horror 😈series would be interesting.

Always Have Fun


  1. In 3 pages, describe a story of how you got started in your line of business. Ask yourself: Is it only one story or can it be broken down into several smaller stories? Give thick details in your descriptions. Several small stories may be there.
  2. Pick one of those smaller stories and repeat the listed above
  3. When you’re satisfied and you have your small stories finished, develop one of your smaller pictures in two hundred words,writing very descriptive content.
  4. Write other small stories, too, then string all together into a seamless tale.

(Fiction based on True Events)

Have Fun

Email me if you have Questions.


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