May 5,2022 🧡🛟The Writer’s Journey 🛟🧡

Top of the Morning my friends and HeartBeats Family this morning I’m not very happy. It is a bad night once again. Don’t want to talk about it for safety reasons. I just want to pat myself on the back and say I got through 3 sprints with Abbie Emmons tonight . Fighting through my discomforts it’s possible everyone fight through your fears fight through being uncomfortable working on Craft helps take the edge off. ( So does sleep but I’m trying not to sleep my life away) It helped me today Today is going to be amazing. I have to make this month amazing my mom would want that so much.Her death Anniversary is coming up and it hurts my heart she’s not here she was the person who protected everybody mainly me. I feel robbed of my mother to be honest. She shouldnt’ve had a painful death like she did. Brain cancer is a whole new Demon God Took her Home with something just as strong powerful as she was. He didn’t have to hurt her though that’s pisses me off. These are thoughts and feelings I try sleeping off . Retracting my moms movements and actions and and conversations warmth my heart then a sharp pain there after her pain couldn’t be controlled. I don’t know if death is ever peaceful? My mom was a soldier of life and Conquered Death and probably put it in her back pocket looking for my grandmother when she crossed over on the other side. This is probably too much info I do apologize.🛟🙄😭😭😭🥹 throwing myself a lifesaver I feel like I’m in deep water struggling to swim. I’m barely making it tonight/ morning good thing I did get lots of rest yesterday. I’m up up like 10 am up.

Cinco de Mayo today have fun everybody get your Authentic Mexican Food today. Hopefully the weather is good for the celebration. Mother Nature hold back your tears for a couple winks. You can let loose after the festival all you want. She may not listen today for where I’m at on and off all day rain it’s ok we need the water bad. stay covered ☔️🌂☂️☔️🌂 the flu still going around and Covid be careful today,

Imma work on a WIP as soon as this is sent ❇️Bless Y’all Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope& Keep Writing ❇️

Stay in the Mix….

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

No matter How Bad it Gets Don’t give up on the life God Gave You Talk it out with your support systems they love you and care for you . Even I have found myself on the other end of that phone contemplating life I just want to say Time is the ointment it’s the balm and dressing to heal those wounds Let God fix it. Amen 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

💛📒 🎗Ninth🎗📒💛

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