May 2,2022 May Writing Madness

Greetings everyone 弘 Ive come up with a new holiday for Writing. I believe every month is a writing month we all write in it. So May Writing Madness it is June and July will be Just Write The Book Already June& July all of you welcomed to celebrate with me these holidays Im making up each month.

I would be so delighted if you told me how your writing day was going every once in a while. That would be so dope. Go to contact us on my site I will answer promptly.予弘

Reading With Ninth: I updated my device with some Dope Novels in all kinds a genres and tropes mostly billionaire and shapeshifters tropes and they all are doper than a scope Im reading today (Researching) and thats always productive 予弘

Welp my dearest hearts. Ill be back maybe later with the Writers Journey or the Chronicles. Bless yall have fun family oh on your devices you can get all kinds of full length free novels plug in Free Romance or free adult fantasy free mystery any genre even non- fiction so before you plug in your dollars and coins check to see if its free. Just because it free dont means its lacking in talent. They are dope 予弘 this is a little tidbit my mom told me when I got my device. Check it out and build your library up.

Stay in the Mix.

潃儭Make Today Count, Dont Count It Out 潃儭


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