May 1,2022 ⭐️The Golden Writing Hour⭐️

Top of the morning friends and HeartBeats💗 Happy May Day what a blessed day it is. Check your local listings for Fairs happening weather is nicer Cinco de Mayo coming up & Mothers Day. I miss my mother so much. I grieve often uncontrollably it’s still fresh and it’s been a while. It just hurts my entire being.As a family we use to treat the moms to Mother’s Day Brunch at the Buffet we had a ball laughing talking Eating good. Those were special days I will never forget. If y’all moms or grand moms or aunties still living make it a big to do for them this year for Mother’s Day. I spoil my aunt daily she can have anything from me. That’s how it’s supposed to be without a fuss just do it. Whatever she wants. That’s Cultural That’s Human Nature. That’s Family Ties, That’s History.💗💗💗

Working On WIPS: it’s a grand time of the day to work on Craft imma start May off on a good start. And writing this post counts as writing so I’m ahead of myself🤩 Yes writing post counts. Don’t count it out. This Mothers Day for my Mom I’m thinking about writing her a Poem that I will Share with all of you. Something like a letter to her. From Earth straight to Heaven Via WordPress 🥰 I’m hoping it reaches her or atleast touches someone’s heart or helps someone resonate and not feel alone in their grieving process. I believe grieving is lifelong not just a couple days weeks months Life is what it is. Grieving is complicated when it hits you it’s like a ton of cement bricks you can’t carry it puts your heart and soul in a vice grip to where you may have anxiety or panic attacks out the blue something may trigger it and you will be at war within yourself on the trenches best thing I do is sleep it off. Pray it’s gone once I wake up. Like waking up on the right side of the bed as the old saying goes. Then once you know sleeping it off works you find yourself sleeping too much giving yourself migraines causing more depression less productivity. Gotta find a balance in life. Gotta use time wisely , like I said this week I missed a whole week of April that I’m aware of no telling how many times I’ve let days weeks months pass me by. It’s all about being productive making memoriesMaking new friends making new connections learning something new accomplishing and WIPPING it up and down on the reals. (reels) Gotta be in the Today so I can be in the Future. That’s the Spill

One thing I know for sure my mom would have a fit on me making a fuss over her grieving like I do. Whether I can control it or not. She’s still the strongest person on the planet earth that I know. She would tell me to Buck up. No time that’s happening 🙄💗 imma be in my 80 s still grieving like I am today. Is that natural? I don’t know it’s my natural now. Boy my mom would tell me Don’t you cry for me I’ll give you something to cry about alright!!!!!🙄🤣😭😭😭 my moma wasn’t to be messed with that’s for sure. My grandmother was the same way. She want no fuss. Be happy that they not in pain no more they would say. With knowing all of that still hits me like a ton of cement bricks. 🥹😭

Working On WIPS: tried reading the other day and realized I’ve read the book before I have to download some new books on my device then found out the books I have on my device are triggers for my Depression I need a lift me up sweet romance or Hardcore Romance sex scenes and all🧐🤓 or a good Fantasy book that has a good ending you know the kind where the good guy wins. Something positive living happily ever after. 🥰 Today I’ll be working on Templates and maybe plugging in some content on Enaji-O we will see. I may also work on a poem/ letter to my mother and grandmother. I’m trying to be about it today I feel bad about April. I’m just happy I’m here to give it a shot again for May. As much As I’ve Slept last month I could have slipped away from slumber. I’m already missing space and time for a week atleast of my life.🙄😭🥹So it’s GO TIME today like a race car 🏎💨 🥰🤩 So tell the Unwanteds get out your way and don’t come back. And dive into the Writers Craft. ✍🏾

Stay in the Mix….

⭐️Make today count, Don’t Count It Out⭐️


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