April 30,2022 ⭐️The Writers Journey⭐️

Greetings everyone 🥰Sorry I’m on here later than usual. Today is the last day of Camp Nanowrimo and National Poetry Month. Have any of you accomplished your goals on your WIPS? I hope y’all have. Or atleast come close to that goal. 🤩 anything you’ve done over the Month of April will Suffice. It’s okay if goals wasn’t met in April we got the rest of the year to work on goals just don’t give up on your WIP now that April is over

Today is a rest day for me. Tomorrow is the same. I have brain fog today check out yesterdays post work on something fresh and new.

Welp dearest friends and HeartBeats family man I almost forgot about Lyrics 4 You Writing Prompts Wow I’m just out of it today I’ll get it up shortly

Stay in the Mix


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