April 29,2022 ⭐️Weekend Writers Workshop⭐️

⭐️A Throwback from Wayback ⭐️


💋The Hardest Game Spitted💋

Write the most romantic poem for your significant other or your future boo thang. Let this person know your inner feelings and thoughts put your heart on your sleeve. Let them see who you are.

This can be any length

This can be any style

You can make more than one

Always have fun 🤩


Just Write The Series Already

Come up with a series in every genre you want to write in, pick a genre let’s say Romance/ Erotica and you can play with tropes and wordplay on the titles of the books to let people know all the books you’ve written is apart of that series. Maybe use the main character/protagonist name in the title. Or a location as the backdrop your using for the series. Something that may stand out and people can say oh that’s such an such new book out it goes to their series.

Keep it Dope whatever you come up with keep the reader on the edge of their seat

Any genre

Any length

Always Have Fun 🤩


Your City Block

Write a story about a city block that’s fictional or documentary on a area in the city you like or it’s most talked about. Have the name of the street in the name of the production this could be fictional or documentary any genre. Be descriptive and have fun writing y’all🤩🥰🤓

Non- Fiction:


Write the tips and tricks you have used to get your career jumpstarted in your memoir. We’re their people that helped you along your way?who were they? What did they contribute to your success? Etc…

Always Have Fun 🤩

Stay In The Mix …,


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