April 29,2022 🌪The Ninth Poetess Chronicles🌪

Good Evening my Hearts , I just thought of something that has been just passing the days away and taking off like a rocket. Now is the time for movie script submissions and for manuscript submissions. the days of the Pandemics isolation and wrench in the script literally is over. many deadlines are today but you can find deadlines far in advance searching this database on FilmFreeway Link: https://filmfreeway.com/festivals Dive in and see what you can findyou can definitely find deadlines after May 2,2022 Im sure you can find deadlines further in the year. just plug the dates into the system it ask you Before or after a date always chose after . Its pretty easy once you use it a couple times. Click on show filters to give you the menu bar on your phone then scroll down to deadline entries like I said always choose after a date to get the ones coming up.

I was so excited to bring this idea up to ya’ll I havent even started on my research reading. Atleast thats what Im calling it today. Welp My dearest friends and HeartBeats Im going to let yall investigates the link I dropped Have fun and I hope you find that new carrot. When that happens thats when the Real Craft Starts.

⭐️Stay in the Mix⭐️

☀️Make Today Count, Dont Count It Out☀️


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