April 25,2022 🤍🥶The Writers Journey🥶🤍

Greetings 👑Kings & 👑Queens How is your Monday Treating You ? I hope it’s treating y’all like the royalty you all are. 👑🥰🤩🤓right now I’m trying to stay warm kind of nippy. I got my heat pack it’s taking the edge off. I got the case of the Mondays the question is:

What Does Ninth have on the Agenda ? : I plan on reading a book on my reading device. I have so many in the genre I’m writing in I need to get into to fuel my tank. I may jump back into Novel writing and skip the Template for a minute or do both for a little while who said I can’t multi task 🤩 I Don’t know what I’m reading today yet let me look real quick I picked a love story one of those Billion Dollar Lover Stories Enaji -O (Bryan) not Quite that rich but (Xavier) is that rich These are Characters of: “Welcome to the O Series I know what Imma call the Whole Series of Enaji-O and the other Novels in the Set. “Welcome To the O Series” y’all got the inside Scoop👑King’s&👑Queen’s 🤩🥰🤓. But today I’m going to start out reading a dope Billionaire Love Story I hear they are addictive to get into.

National Day in April: April 28th is National Great Poetry Reading Day. This is Dope make it a Event doesn’t have to be big something Simple. Write a love poem confessing your love to your mate. Or write a Epic Poem and go and invite your loved ones to a open mic in your town/city and spit that fire. If you can’t find a Open mic that day Start one other poets will love you for it. Might be a start of something much bigger than you. And that’s doper than a scope.🥰🤩🤓 you still have time to prepare even though it’s short notice. Make you up some business cards and merch get on the ball today have a few authors set up tables to sell their poetry books or novels. Don’t leave out the fiction writers they valid too. Talk with some of these VFWs around town or bars or outside venues that have stages and seats built in the grounds contact Parks and Recreations to get help. or even a Library conference room those are free you just have to schedule time/day for the event and make sure the room big enough for the crowd you think is gonna be there. This is something that could be unforgettable in a Grand way.

Welp imma start my day yall think about April28th and how your gonna celebrate. Bless y’all. Dive into Craft whether that’s reading, editing, writing, world building, keep it doper than a scope.

🔥🚒Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🚒🔥


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