April 25,2022 💜👩🏽‍🎤💗The Ninth Poetess Chronicle’s 💗👩🏽‍🎤💜

It’s a Grand Evening this Monday that crept up on us like the sun going down. Arch Angels cut the lights off now they getting ready to hold the fort down Tonight. Y’all didn’t know they pull double shifts. Is it just me but did a week go missing in April? Imma missing a whole week. What Happened? Because the month ends Freaking Saturday the end of Camp Nanowrimo throw a WIP Reading Event gotta be unfinished has to be a snippets indoor try a library conference room serve cookies/Donuts and coffee the library may serve coffee . something inexpensive. Ask the library if they provide a microphone/speaker if not Walmart has it at a decent price and if you charge for entrance the library may want 10% donation possibly give or take. And that’s nothing. And you keep the mic and speaker for the next event you throw it pays for itself. My days of doing Events are non existent but I know their some brave souls out there ready to dive into community action.🥰🤩🤓🎤 get your business cards made at FedEx at a reasonable price get all your business stuff made at FedEx if you can. Maybe they can have everything done in one day never know if you don’t go investigate.🥰🤩🤓💗🤍 Even though I’m missing a week my Ideas and work isn’t falling by the wayside. This event I’m talking about doesn’t have to be the 28th of April make it Saturday the last day of Camp Nanowrimo/ last day of National Poetry Month. Leave the mic open for every one. Even for people with Lyrics 4 You WIPS. Your event-will be doper than a scope. Ask the library to help you Advertise/Market your Event. Go on the radio the day before. Go on local news channel tell the newscasters about your event . Hand out flyers use your social media Platforms. Becareful just make sure you have room for everyone

Welp I really got on here to ask y’all if your missing a week ? What’s going on in the Cosmos yall they snatching days and weeks from us now. Can’t even savor the flavor of the day. I try and do my best. Like now in a few hours it’ll be the next day. Father Time burning the candle a both ends Bless it why must Time go so fast, Bless it. I love y’all and I love this Platform and I hope you love it too. And I’m praying we have thousands in our Home/Crew😍I’ll TTYL

💗👩🏽‍🎤Stay In The Mix👩🏽‍🎤💗


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