April 24,2022 🤍🥶The Writers Journey 🥶🤍

Greetings y’all. 🥰💗Who else is trying to stay warm today. I’m freezing to the bone through the meat. 😬🙄🥶 I’ve been spending lots of time with my auntie this weekend .Not much done this weekend. That’s ok. Family time is Over everything. I’m not gonna fret about having no content since Friday. I got the prompts out and that’s work for my brain this weekend. A Monday jumpstart is sufficient I Apologize this post gonna be short

What Ninth is Doing?: Today is a rest day but as we all know most time I have a bomb craft day. But I may scroll YouTube and find something dope to look at and possibly learn.

I apologize this post is late in the day. I have thought about having a slight hiatus today. I should take off two days out the week it would give me time regroup But if I choose to work on Craft I’ll work on templates and possibly some new WIP World Building I love World Building 🤩🥰🤓 . We will see.

welp dearest Friends And HeartBeats 💗 I’m going to continue my day. Bless y’all.

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