April 19,2022 🧡📙The Ninth Poetess Chronicle’s📙🧡

Top of the morning 🥰💗 Greetings my family and friends today is gonna take off on a good note. I have plenty to do today it’s all about pacing as they say. Little at a time. I have Templates to work on. Im still on Monsters Profiles but if Im on it Tomorrow I’m telling on myself🙄😆😬 I should be done with him and have started on Alondras Profile. Im talking like and sounding like I’m a caseworker for real people LOL 😂 They are real in my imagination soon to come to life on a printers press full of pages. So Get Ready HeartBeats Family and Friends ❣️❣️❣️

Medic At Ninths : I have to talk to physicians today as you know this gives me unwanted Anxiety. I plan on detoxing the feeling by diving into Craft today hopefully it works. 😬🥹 But it should be positive I’m thinking five ten minutes no longer I hate drugged out convos for nothing we will see how it goes.

Menu At Ninths : I’m not really hungry to say what I really want I guess I want vegan tostadas but I don’t feel like preparing the dish and washing the dishes. I guess I don’t feel like eating.🙄😆Then I felt like some grits and vegan hot link and okra soup from the can sounds delicious don’t know what I want might be Tostadas with onions and vegan crumbles.

Welp imma lay here till the lights get cut on. Possibly watch some YouTube of some of my favorite influencers for some extra motivation. Also imma message my mentor today we kind of checked out the same time yesterday and had the case of the Mondays 😬🙄. Today just to be alert is half the battle but I’ve been up since 2am maybe longer I don’t know. A nap will be in order don’t know when but it will come. If I stay up it will be surprising. I want to stay up in Craft so I very well will fight it. Well my Hearts 🥰 imma TTYL Go up to the NOW Group Site and dive in .Have Fun🤩 Start Something New I’ll be back later on Twitters possibly.

Stay in the Mix….

🧡♻️Capture The Day,Bask in it,And Rub it in like Lotion ♻️🧡


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