April 19,2022 🥹The Writer’s Journey 🥹

I may be grieving I don’t know where my feeling is coming from. I deal with this most days . As you see from my Emojis I’m barely holding on. My Anxiety is having its way with me. Have you ever had the feeling to cry like maybe watching a sad movie or hearing a sad story the tears form right at the edge of your eyeballs my chest hurts too like I got a knot in my heart that’s how I know it’s anxiety it’ll make you feel like you having a heart attack been there done it don’t want to go back. I’m trying to calm me down posting this. Maybe I should change the subject,

I’ve tweeted today go check me out over there in a bit. So much been happening in my world that I deal with on a regular and maybe not so much. Life surely happens and letting go or putting down Craft is okay. This is ok in the good and the rough times in life. It’s Healthy. It has to be if it Ain’t. As long as you know where home is and that’s that pen, that paint brush, that crochet needle, that instrument, that mic whatever that is a extension of you it’s okay to put it down as long as you find your way back to it. And I know in most cases people don’t put their Craft down and use it as therapy. I’m working on this. Because it’s what make me happy when everything else is chaos.

Other than the shenanigans going on inside me Life has gotten in the way of the writers holiday I’ve asked this on Twitter but has any of y’all forgotten about Camp 🏕 Nanowrimo? Like I’ve said Life has happened time flown by we are more than half way in . Same with National Poetry Month have y’all been celebrating by writing? I haven’t been writing poetry this month but working on Reedsy Character Templates doing Profiles of my Characters in the Enaji Series It’s been rewarding and I feel organized doing it and I’m brainstorming while I’m at it new WIPS and that’s always fun. 🤩🥰

I hope all of you are cranking out some dope content and not letting the ways of the world hinder your creative ability and or days. However I have, I’m a Work in Progress, Always. I’m working on this. I need the correct materials to build my bubble so it doesn’t burst. Don’t we all yearn for that, Gotta work with what we have to get by and keep mending the broken areas with love and self care. Sometimes self care is sleeping 18 out of 24 hrs in the day those days make my heart hurt. Somethings off. But I get back into living life the next. Never down too long and always find time to post or tweet. Let someone or the world know how you doing every now and then or every day most people can resonate and lift u up by comments or likes or joining your site page. And I love all my followers members and friends who stop by and see about me. I’m human. And if you human we ain’t getting out of here without having issues health or otherwise. Kind of morbid and or Negetive but how I see it we all in this together. We one in the same might as well Love Hard on Each other we all we Got. That’s enough of my preaching what was I talking about To begin with? 🙄😬🤣 Got me Rambling like I’m a old geezer. LOL🤣🤣🤣 I feel a little better from having an Anxiety Attack. Sometimes breathing Talking to someone even the world helps like you wouldn’t believe. And I appreciate all the eyes and maybe some ears possibly reading and listening to this bless y’all your Angels


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