April 17,2022 🐰🐣The Writers Journey 🐣🐰

Greetings from my heart🥰💗🧑🏽‍🎤💚 Today is the Holy Day for many May God send his precious love down upon all of us.Today is also International Haiku Day. I think I only written one short poem that is something like a Haiku. I think it’s a beautiful style of writing a poem but I don’t use it much. Dive into Craft today and write a few to go with your collection of poems.

How are y’all’s projects coming along? I hope your getting far along in them. Bless your day today. I don’t have much to say this morning I may wait till the sun comes up to work on Craft today.

Working On WIPS: I’m still on Wilamenas profile her parts in the story is small but there so vital she brings order in chaos. So when you see her she’s gonna put the smack down. You will see where Monster Gets his personality from. Wilamenas a hair step away from putting foot to behind, behind Enaji. She just waiting on someone to mess up. Namely Bryan. Enaji Father( Monster) had a talk with Bryan and he doesn’t approve of the relationship because Bryan is a Dope Boy if he was anyone else Square he would be welcoming. But Monster knows his daughter and he doesn’t want her to push him away so he has to treat Bryan the same as family like he always have, no different. Just a little snippet:News from Enaji-O🤩

After I finish Wilamenas profile I’m Diving into Marcus “ Monster” Benson Profile Enaji’s Father. Writing his out should be fun 🤩

welp imma get a couple more winks of sleep and wait for the Arch Angels to cut on the lights. Enjoy your Holiday today HeartBeats 💗 I may be back later today either here or Twitters. Stay in the Mix….


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