April 15,2022 💜🪁Weekend Writers Workshop🪁💜

Poetry: Ancient Civilization

Write in the perspective of someone thats Living in the times Before Christ. Explain your living situation. What part of the world are you living in? What Race do you think you would be? Do you Come from Royalty? Or a Peasant? Or Slave? How old would you be telling your story? Who would you be praying too? Explain Jobs people may have. Like Blacksmith, Healers, Fisherman Etc…. This poem can be an EPIC poem that rhymes or Not. Rhyme is Ideal though. It would make the story Official if it rhymed. Keep it descriptive and colorful.

Always Have Fun

Fiction/ ScreenPlay: 

Reedsy- Character Profiles Templates

Reedsy Website: https://blog.reedsy.com/character-profile/

Start charting your WIPS Characters on Reedsy Character Profile Templates. Save them and always have them to lean on when you find yourself lost in the story and and need a twist or etc… Come up with New Character Profiles for unwritten undiscovered Creations. 

Always Have Fun


Time Of Day

Write in your Memoir Your Favorite Time of Day and why? Be descriptive dont leave anything out. 

Always Have Fun


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