April 15, 2022 💛🐯The Writer’s Journey 🐯💛

Top of the morning my dear friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🥰 got great news I finished Enaji’s profile template sort of I can start on Wilamena’s hers gonna be quick hopefully Then Enaji’s birth mom. Dad Xavier Samantha Bryan etc… might not be in this order we will see I love the template from Reedsy you end up learning a lot out about your character personality and world

Yesterday I got the Shock of my life Reedsy HeadQuarters tweeted me a nice message . They thanked me for tweeting about the Character Profile Template and wished me well in my writing journey yesterday. And I had a beautiful day Writing yesterday also had a nap that was well needed.

Menu At Ninths: I don’t know a burger sounds delightful or a fish sandwich sounds good I don’t feel like cooking y’all I’m tired of dishes and everything else😵‍💫😳

Imma sit here and have my coffee concoction possibly think about Tweeting this morning I don’t know I’ll tweet after I post The Workshop today.🤩 may wait till it’s daylight. Today is Weekend Writer’s Workshop so get ready for that it’s gonna be Doper than a scope.🤩🥰

Sorry todays post kind of short winded I have brain fog this morning I hope it passes. Bless y’all’s morning 🥰🤩 Stay in the Mix Stay Tuned for the Workshop It’s Coming

💛Capture the Day. Bask in it, And rub it in like Lotion💛


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