April 14,2022 🔐9am At Ninths 🔐

Top of the morning friends and HeartBeats family 💗🥰 In Twitter News this morning and I’m extremely Humbled about Yesterday I Posted about Reedsy Character Profile Template and the Reedsy HeadQuarters Tweeted me back and said Thank You wished me well on my day writing. See I’m Geeking I’m Wigged out just like when Harlequin Tweeted me back stuff like that and When Beverly Jenkins tweeted me back This is stuff I’ll cherish the rest of my life. Reedsy is a Big TIME A1 Top Notch Writers Craft Resource They are one of the Higher Ups They are Official. And I’m grateful. Imma tell y’all a little secret 🤫🥱🤫🥱🤭 I haven’t been to bed yesterday I may take a nap later on but imma work this Template to the end today. 150 questions I think which is dope I can possibly get the plot closer to the end of the first book. Possibly. I love these templates🥰 and I’m smack dab back in Enaji-O. Like I should be. Imma get to my WIP everyone I’m Excited.and stopped basking in sad moments imma bask in Reedsy Thanking Me for showcasing the character profile Template and Imma have a ball todayFocussing on my WIP at hand this Template will have you plotting quicker than you can get your thought out it will come together though imma keep plugging away.

🤩Stay in the Mix…check out the site menu everything is dope dive in. 🤩

🔐Capture the Day ,Bask in it ,And Rub it in like Lotion 🔐 Let nothing in your spirit that isn’t positive. Keep positive vibes at all times use the lock and key on your spirit and heart nothing gets let in unless approved … and that’s ok. Everything is screened. Safety is bottom line lock and key of me. And that’s okay.

🥷Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out 🥷

PS The Character Profile Template is away from Being smack dab in the internet with distractions it’s just you and copy of Template and that’s all you working with and I need that or I’ll be scrolling and reading and switching back and forth I could spend a whole day on Craft doing Templates and don’t have to be distracted but y’all know I gotta talk to my favorite people everyday my friends and HeartBeats 💗


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