April 13,2022 🖤🐫The Happenings On Hump Day 🐫🖤

Top of the morning my dear friends and HeartBeats 💗 This morning I’ve been piddling about and found a awesome Template for Character Profiles it’s a Reedsy Template and it’s Dope if you can find it on their site/ or blog it would be an ideal resource to have always save the blank PDF then copy it and use the copies need a new blank one copy the original blank PDF again. You have to download the template herehttp://blog.reedsy.com/character-profile/ like I said always copy the original and keep using copies you will always have a blank one to copy and use. I found this Doper than a Scope overlooking the Cosmos🤩✨✨✨ I’m trying to make up for yesterday I clocked out of orbit yesterday(slept) I’m telling on my self🤭🤫🤭🤫🤭🤫 but I have a game plan today. Me an my Mentor gonna do some Sprints today🥰🤓😎🤩. How awesomely crafted out is that. It EPIC. So after I Tweet my game plan imma contact her and gets to cranking out some dope Content (Character Profiles)

Welp imma start my day. Stay in the Mixx for Wednesday Weekly Writers Prompts I’ve just about forgot Those will be up shortly.

Stay in the Mix Family Writers Prompts coming write up🤩🤓

🐝Capture The Day, Bask In It, And Rub it in Like Lotion 🐝


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