April 12,2022 ⭐️✨The Ninth Poetess Chronicle’s ✨⭐️

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 yesterday was Grandiose. I had the Golden Writing Hour around 8pm-1am pm it was late starting but as long as I started thats what counts. I got brain fog today. Just got up for the day. I didn’t plan on sleeping my day away. Thankfully I have day left to begin.

Working On WIPS: I am excited as heck to tell you what I’ve been working on. I’ve just started yesterday but I have a lot of content out. I actually worked on Characters in Enaji-O I didn’t plan that but it just happened that way I came up with a new character last night his name is Diaz. He’s Peruvian he is Bryan partner in Belize. And it’s a Clean (Square )Business so he thinks thats all imma say about that gotta have some suspense somewhere me. I’m adding all the main characters that has been mentioned I still need to add more I was sleep before my head hit the pillow kind of🙄. Tonight I’m jump in like Double Dutch and keep it moving keep the content flowing that’s the deal🤩🐝🤓

Pretending I’m in the Tropics today it’s beautiful today warm windy but perfecto. 90’s degrees freaking extraordinary 🤩😎

I’m dealing with alot of brain fog today wanna go back to sleep and imma end this post while I’m ahead if I come up with more content I’ll post it on The Writer’s Journey or Twitter bless y’all and Stay in the Mixx… sorry everyone I’ll be back later on tonight


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