April 11,2022 💛🌼 The Writers Journey 🌼💛

Beautiful Morning Beautiful Week Beautiful Month Beautiful Year🤩🥰 Gotta Claim it. Gotta Believe it. Gotta let it soak in the crevices. Regardless what happening their is love compassion Respectfulness selfless acts gratitude appreciation hope faith forgiveness Healing ❤️‍🩹 did I say LOVE 🥰❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹 these are the things we live for. It makes life worth living and days a little more easier to get through when all is falling apart. I guess I’m bringing all this up to remind myself and give word to self and encouragement to heal my depression. I just have to believe it and soak in it like it’s a epsom salt bath.🛁🛁🛁 I need to snap out of it 3-4 maybe 5-6 days of being off from writing what’s the deal? I’m disgusted. That should be enough to get me in gear today if I can focus I have a couple of dailys to handle before I start my day. I just can’t let it become a all day deal. Hopefully the Sandman✨✨✨ got enough sleep out of me these past weeks . It’s a vicious cycle. Sleep because depressed anxiety fillled depressed and anxiety filled because of realism of life and death. I believe nothing ever prepares you for a death in your family or in your life. It’s just always gonna be hard to deal with. And I personally not here for it. I feel I’ve been withdrawing from the world as we know it maybe to deal with what going on. My uncle I feel GOD has got him in his arms and his hands and whatever decisions GOD makes is concrete and imma just have to deal. I just want and pray to bless him with Life. Nothing Fancy but a comfortable Body to live in❤️‍🩹🙏🏼. We all want that I want that for myself with being overweight and diabetes and my other ailments I care not to disclose. God never forgets or make mistakes and I believe he still works miracles and my Uncle need more than a few miracles this week this month this year. What ever God Decides I will not be upset about it. It’s too much to hold on to otherwise.

✍🏾Working On WIPS ✍🏾: Today I plan on doing something fun. For real this time🙄 Character profiles plots world building You know ? The fun stuff in writing 🤩🥰🤩🥰 I gotta look back at past weeks prompts and workshops to get my muse caught up on my thoughts and ideas. I’m hoping this is the week I work on Craft everyday imma just start slow day by day regardless what tries to interfere get atleast 50-100 words down.(Hopefully more) we will see what the day and week holds. I know one daggone thing me and the Sandman gonna be fighting if I spend this week in sleep slumber . I rather spend my days writing not under the sandman’s sleep spell. I’m wasting my days. And that’s absolutely unacceptable and absolutely awful. 🙄 This week is what change going to be defined as. One day at a time.🌺🤓🌺

Songbirds are singing and I believe that’s a sign for change and positivity and energy and creativity. 🤓🥰🤓🥰🤩💛🌼 I’m here for that🤩🥰🤓.

Menu At Ninths: right now I’m having coffee but I may have some Shrimp poppers I’ve been trying to stay away from fried foods but haven’t been successful doing so I need to get it together y’all. Poppers just seem right today. With cocktail sauce and seasoned fries or some smothered firecracker potatoes I haven’t decided yet. That sounds like a Sunday Meal. We will see what the day holds.But that’s the Deal.

Medic At Ninths : I feel amazing today as I Should. I’ve been sleeping my depression and anxiety away and I Hope life or death don’t disturb it. That’s selfish ASF but no one Else gotta be in the skin I’m in But Me and I say no more Sandman and discomfort on my being. 👊🥊🥊🥊 I’m ready to fight. (With myself🙄) I hope I Win 🏆 🏆🏆🤩🤩🤩

Welp my dearest Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗💗💗🌷🌷🌷🐝🐝🐝Imma be busy as a honey bee 🐝 today I Hope your day and week is full of content full of ideas full of love full of safety. Bless this week and bless all of us this week this month this year the rest of our lives bless it. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Stay in the Mixx y’all…..

⭐️Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion ⭐️


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