April 9, 2022 🎶Lyrics 4 You Writing Prompts🎶

April 9,2022

This is the start of the ❤️‍🩹LOVE Series❤️‍🩹From Pop to Country, From R&B to Gospel, Even Rap To Reggae, can be love songs. Think of your potential mate, Think of your Wife or Husband, or think of GOD. Write out that Love potion that Hooked them in your grasp. Write out your appreciation. Mention your first kiss/ encounter and don’t leave anything out. This can be as real(clean to X-Rated) as you want it to be. Whatever you prefer whatever is on your heart. Vomit it out on a music sheet. Hold nothing back. Use the tools on the site page. Go to YouTube and find an instrumental that will suit your lyrics Have someone Sing or Rap the Lyrics to the instrumental. Or do it yourself. Tape them or tape yourself doing so.

⭐️Always Have Fun⭐️

🎵Ninth 🎵

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