April 8,2022 ⭐️Weekend Writers Workshop⭐️


Rainbows, Metals & Elements

Write a Poems for all the colors of the rainbow. Add metals and elements in the poem. Or write multiple poems mixing and matching different colors, metals, and elements.

Always Have Fun



Snowy Little Place

Write a story about being stuck in the snow and you cant go anywhere . Let the snow be the location as to which you are. Its the Dilemma. It’s a character. Make it a big part of the storyline. This could be any Genre. A Horror or Fantasy would be interesting… Give the story Pizazz Keep the Characters Colorful.

Always Have Fun



Old Dark Scary Alley

Write a story about going into a scary alley. Make the alley a backdrop for the story. What’s the issue/ significance with the alley that has the Protagonist and characters in an uproar?

Always Have Fun



What/Who are your Favorites?

Let your readers know who you love and what you love. What do you love using while you work? Who is your favorite employee? Those are examples but it could be anything. you love Anything you deem to be your favorites do share and give background ask to why its your favorite.

Always Have Fun


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