April 3,2022 ⭐️9 pm At Ninths⭐️

Greetings everyone🥰🤩 what a beautiful safe, quiet,blessed day today on A Sunday🙏🏼. I spent the day in meditation and working on Sarra Cannon’s: Six Months For Life and I’ve actually finished the Journaling today I can start Camp Nanowrimo I’m not officially joining Nanowrimo I’m kind of tagging along to see how I do in it. We Will See.🤓🤩🥰. I’m excited and I have an adrenaline rush from finishing Six Months For Life it has me thinking and making Goals on a different level. I’m being more reachable and real with what I want to happen and some of my goals is further out than six months but I see them to be reachable. As long as you keep that carrot or golden nugget in the forefront guiding you it keeps you in the mix🤩🥰 and that’s always a good thing.🥰🤩Trying to keep the momentum up tomorrow imma work on character profiles for new WIPS I have in mind. And possibly piddle around in Enaji-O we will see. Tomorrow I won’t be on the site posting so enjoy the pages and archives. I will be over on my Twitters. Y’all gotta get into my Twitter page please support both platforms I love both equally. Both is growing so much and I absolutely love it 🥰🤩😳🤓 it’s mind blowing 🤯.

Welp y’all imma shut it down I shutdown shop when the Arch Angels shuts it down starts it up at daylight. That’s how I roll for Show.🤩🤓

🖤✍🏾Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope& Keep Writing ✍🏾🖤

⭐️Capture the Day, Bask in it, And Rub it in Like Lotion⭐️


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