April 1, 2022⭐️🚀Weekend Writers Workshop🚀⭐️

April 1, 2022

Weekend Writers Workshop

🎉Happy Camp Nanowrimo & National Poetry Month Friends & HeartBeats Family Lets Stay In The Mix this Month🎉

Poetry: Favorite Vacation

Write about taking a Grand Vacation. If you haven’t been on a Vacation Plan one or dream and make a goal to go on one. Go to expedia.com and explore destinations Expedia has everything flights, hotels, Cruises Etc… Keep your poem Action-Packed and full of life.

Always Have Fun.

Fiction: 🔥Roller-Coaster From Hell🔥

Write about a Roller-Coaster That can travel between space and time and Heaven and Hell. Any story with Angels and Demons in it Gotta be Good Right? Keep your Protagonist fighting through twist and turns.

Always Have Fun

Screenplay: Switching Places

Imagine switching lives with someone. Is their life better or is it worse? How are they switching their life? Who are they switching their life with? Keep it twisting and turning.

Always Have Fun

Non-Fiction: Delicate and Fragile

Write in your Memoir what you consider Fragile and Delicate Is it an object or is it a person or maybe a relationship with someone Disclose everything don’t leave anything out.

Always Have Fun


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