March 25,2022 🖤✍🏾Weekend Weekly Writers Workshop✍🏾🖤


Cleansing The Air(Situation At Hand)

Write a Poem/ Letter to the Higher Ups( God, Leaders of the Nation) Venting How you feel about the World and Life Today as we know it. Keep it colorful and be descriptive. 

⭐️Always Have Fun⭐️

Fiction: NO MORE WAR

Write a war story it could be Realistic or Fantasy. Keep it different and New This could have any sub-genre. I have so many Ideas for this prompt I just might Start today a new WIP with this prompt. Its pretty dope. Develop your characters first then work your way into Narrative and Dialogue.

⭐️Always Have Fun⭐️

Screen Play: 

NO MORE WAR (The Movie Version)

Using the same instruction as the Fiction just add your action terms from before each narration and scene. Make sure you check out sample movie scripts to help you on your writing journey Not all movies are available. Keep checking and scrolling to find a script available.

⭐️Always Have Fun⭐️


Best Advice Given & Received

Write in your Memoir the best advice you have given someone and the best advice you have received from someone. Don’t leave out any details.

⭐️Always Have Fun⭐️


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