March 25,2022 💚📗The Writer’s Journey 📗💚

Top of the morning 🥰🌷❤️‍🩹 spoke to a fellow HeartBeats today. He’s a fantastic author. The convo was about writing something for the greater good of humanity in these trying times. The plots are endless. Genres are endless. Write stories the mirror the normalcy you want the world to have not how the world is today maybe the potential aftermath of it all. Keep it positive to keep yourself in good spirits in the now. Bless All of Us as one Unit we are as One. Help each other remain FREE. Whether that by writing a Song /Poem for motivation a short story for uplifting people or a novel for one to study we as writers and creators can make a difference it’s what our ancestors did in time of tragedy it’s our turns to step up and make a record as to what’s happening and or happened in our society. Society as One. That’s enough of my preaching today. 🙄

Today is Weekend Weekly Writers Workshop I just talked a little bit about this weeks choice prompts. Imma try and work on Enaji today it’s a must Camp Nanowrimo is coming in less than a week.🤓😳🖤✍🏾Sign up to http://sarracannon.comNewsletter and download her public files she has a Camp Nanowrimo print out to keep you focussed and all the way together. 🤩 It’s doper than a scope🤩⭐️☺️

Imma hop to my duties for the day yall enjoy the workshop Bless all of you this weekend Come Up With A Dope WIP You Can Marry For Camp Nanowrimo. Love Y’all Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing

🍏🐎Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out 🍏🐎


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