March 23,2022 ✍🏾Wednesday Weekly Writing Prompts✍🏾

It’s a Marvelous Magnetic March 🙂

Stay Warm My Friends

Always Have Fun 🙂


Time Going Faster Than A Jet Plane 

Write a poem about Time slipping away like sand in a hourglass. What are you missing out on you have no time for you wish you did? Whatever you come up with keep it Dope. 🙂

Keep it fresh and new. 

Be Creative

Use any Form.

Always have Fun 🙂

Fiction: Another Dimension

Write a Story where your Protagonist can travel between different spaces and times. this could be any genre.

This can be any plot. 

This can be any genre

Always Have Fun

* Ex. Sub Genre: Romance, Sweet Romance, Erotica, Horror, Sci-Fi, Historical, YA, Crime,Urban, Thriller, Paranormal, Mystery, Christian/Religious/Spiritual etc…

Screen Play(Screen Writing):

My, How Your Garden Grows?

Write a screenplay about your Lead Character starting a community garden. Keep the Dialogue between characters colorful and up to date in the era you choose. Use the tools/terms from the link below to help you on your WIP Journey.

Always Have Fun 🙂

Here’s some Tools to help you out on your journey from Movie

Non-Fiction (Memoirs):

Second Hand

In your Memoir Write about Giving back or maybe having to use the services you have given back too. Give all the details, don’t leave out anything.

Keep it Fresh and New.

Always Have Fun 🤩

🌷The Ninth Poetess🌷

Always Have Fun 🙂

Stay Safe, Stay Warm & Keep Writing 🙂

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