March 23, 2022 ✍🏾🖤The Writer’s Journey 🖤✍🏾

Top of the morning 🥰💗🤩🤓✍🏾🖤 today I wish I could say I worked on Craft but I didn’t I did do some journaling something I needed to do to adjust my attitude my weekend was wasted on BS. And my aunt fell ill her dr pissed me off for 3 days Anxiety took over my weekend still it’s high but the more time goes by I get reassured everything is okay I’m still shaky though and still pissed off. In other words I need to let those days go. And start anew. Can’t get the hours nor seconds that have passed me by back. I need to stop holding on to trash days Father Time take those days away and gives us fresh new days Today is a new day I need to Bask in it and Rub it in Like lotion or natural oils. Or Vanicream Ointment. Y’all gotta invest in This product it perfect for adding moisture back to your skin good for everything chapped lips. Cracked hands feet elbows . Pumice stone your feet during your bath then after apply the ointment throw you some socks on your feet will love you. Not endorsing this product not getting paid just think it’s a great product to have in your stash of first aid/ Beauty supply.

Medic At Ninths: I Heard people talk about how Anxiety is flooding the nation I deal with Anxiety along with other things I talk about my Anxiety often because it’s what I feel comfortable sharing other stuff is personal. But Anxiety seems like it gets talked about like it’s the common cold. People rather say they had a cold than say they caught the monster (COVID) people avoid you like the plague even after you caught it and well again people still scared and you could be cleared and full of antibodies scared beyond belief I Say. The stigma is brutal. It’s the same with any ailments in that medical book. Some stuff just better left unsaid Yet the questions still gets smacked upside your head. Crack the askers face and tell them the truth. You feel uncomfortable disclosing that information. Any and all medical records is private so you don’t have to answer to no one but the drs themselves. It’s a way to protect yourself.and avoid Stigma. stigmas should be on the rise like Covid jumped up. 2 years in and it’s still stigma on Covid survivors can they still pass Covid to someone? We all got that reflex that say uh I don’t know about you. You sure you well? You ain’t gonna give me nothing are you? And well or not we still wearing mask so what can we trust nothing.Mask it is😷🙄🤧😭

Working On WIPS At Ninths: Over on Twitter I mentioned a Brand New WIP idea. About Single Celibate Unbothered people instead of your everyday Romance. It may have relationships of course in the story but this book wouldn’t be your average it would be like Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury but with the action of sex. Sci Fi with Humans and Humanoids possibly some far out futuristic robots I have a story already that could fit into this plot I call it The Lights I have mutants and robots three different worlds scifi fantasy it’s going to be a long one I should start this in between Sprints working on Enaji. Back and forth. That sounds like a challenge with myself I want to see if I can push myself 🤩🤓🥰 I love all genres some I just rather read and enjoy than write it. But scifi is something I shared with my grandmother weird stuff Alfred Hitchcock Ray Bradbury Jon Carpenter Scary weird stuff back in the day those movies are the Original Classics. My grandmother gave me the craft in too many ways. 🤩🤓 Rest in Heaven My Lovely Granny. 🥰🙏🏼Miss her so much she would probably give me tons of ideas to do on the Site/Blog. Bless It 🙏🏼 imma cry 😭 🙏🏼 I’m still emotional about thinking imma lose my aunt. Sometimes life is too real and it hits hard and it hurts more than physical. Trying to find relief.the dr almost killed my aunt with her lack there of,

Welp Wednesdays Weekly Writing Prompts will be up and posted later on after the Angels in Heaven cut the lights on. Then it’s Bust a Move on some WIPS 🤩🤓🥰

🖤 Make Time For Your Passions,They will Love You Back🖤


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