March 22, 2022 🦚💛🦩The Writers Journey 🦩💛🦚

Top of the morning 🥰💗 I’m still tearing up crying nose stopped up. Blessings Up up up🆙↖️⬆️↗️🆙⏫ I got the beautiful birds up this morning in hopes it changes things for my favor. My family dealing with a slow moving doctor in which I think is malpractice got her on medication bringing her blood pressure down on the floor numbers. I told her to stop taking it. Because it would knock her out fast after she took the pill. Waiting on the dr say so is a no go when I want to live some mo. They slow moving too, it’s ridiculie I could have lost my mother sister and my moma gone could of lost my auntie over the weekend and today. I say bump dr orders when it comes to common and the dr off work or vacaying trying to give orders. Not on my watch my aunt leaving me😩🤧😭😩🤧😢😭💗 I can’t handle that ish I just have too much going on now I’m fighting to stay up to monitor her till her pressure comes back up normal damn drs lost they damn minds some doctors are clown a** doctors need to stay away from my family please lose y’all license use your commons. When my aunt almost passed out the first damn time the dr should have said don’t take those pills no more. On the for reals . Do she have to die before or your commands? If something would happen imma make sure every sliver of gas and fuel coming your way from your boss come to burn that license up , how you gonna leave a nurse and the nurse can’t tell my aunt to stop take the blasted pill so she’s taking the pill that’s trying to kill her when you should have at least told the nurse to tell her to stop if it got low a second time 3 F***ing days Me , Ninth been on edge and I can’t afford that for my own health. This dr got me twisted. Finally the second time my aunt almost passed out my aunt said she don’t give a damn what that dr say she ain’t taking the pill no more. This is what she should of did after the first time it happened Bless It. I’m sorry about venting this is just half of what has me so emotional. So far it’s been Safe At Ninth’s 🥰🙏🏼😩😭🤧 blogging makes me feel safe I’m in the moment and at this moment I’m safe Keep me in safe keeping the rest of my life whether in the states or Abroad Amen. Wish I was Abroad I bet people abroad have powerful energy in their auras you see them light up in the sunlight different personalities genuine loving people.

Welp I’m trying to stay up it’s hard I had no nap today I might need one tomorrow and just a heads up I’ll been on Twitters tomorrow so skip on over there sometime tomorrow Imma do my damnedest to work on Enaji I need to To feel like myself.

Imma let y’all get some rest imma try and sleep as well my aunts pressure coming back up slowly but it’s making improvements just bout scared me to death I can’t die and she can’t die till we both hit 199years old I know that’s reaching but I’m aiming for it.

Imma TTYL my friend’s & HeartBeats 💗 Be Safe Always & Stay Doper than a scope 🥰🤩🦋💗🦩I should migrate with the birds each years it’s a shame even animals go on Caribbean vacay took me this years old to realize that and put it in perspective 🤔😬🙄😮Wowie wow …..

TTYL on Twitter Bless Up


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