March 21, 2022 💛🦚The Ninth Poetess Chronicles🦚💛

🦚🦩Wouldn’t it be dope to wake up to a fleet of beautiful peacocks in your yard? What would you do? Or Toucans Toucans is a beautiful bird, Gods wonderful creations that he gave beauty too. Maybe I’ll get to see some outside the zoo. Almost forgot the delicate flamingos they are the most fragile I think next to Humming birds 🦚🦩

Blessings everyone🥰🌷🦋💧 It’s Sprinkling outdoors we need the water desperately I’m freezing I need to warm up some kind of way . 🥶❄️🤧❄️🥶 I’ve been trying to finish this post for 6 hours. Side track Alley. I’ve been wanting to vent maybe I should vent on Twitters I don’t want to bring no one auras down. I’ll just keep my feelings to myself. I just feel violated and it’s hurting my feelings deep down inside. I’m not venting on Twitter either. I really came on here to tell y’all my anxiety is higher than the Covid and US and the Ukraine War deficit. I’m having a bad day🤧🥶😬😢😩🥺😭 I’m shaking I’m so upset y’all have to excuse me imma pray this feeling pass so I can have Wednesdays Weekly Writing Prompts up for my friends and HearBeats My Loves🥰 basically I want to get to the rest of this year without worries and just live life it’s my mission to stay the course on my novels and grow NOW Group and NOW Group on Twitters. That’s what I want and need and I also want and need to move abroad like my family. To live abroad is truly living right now it’s a dream and goal of mines maybe the cosmos and the Stars will align in my favor😭🤧😩 I’m crying basically trying to release my spirit discomfort hopefully tonight is Safe for All this is things I worry about in city living maybe living abroad will be a new set of issues I can handle. Inner city living is rough. But I’m gonna get off the soapbox as the elders use to say and do. I was taking a course somewhere and a teacher told us a story about what people use for soap where they kept the box and why they read the soap box. The teacher gave a bit of history and I don’t think it was a history class.

Working on WIPS: Welp again today I yield to write today. I feel aweful like I can’t find my barings went from having a migraine to having a migraine one skillet to the next it’s awful. I didn’t even watch TopBoy today I should have. Nothing was accomplished today. Zilch. I wanted it to atleast work on Enaji before it becomes foreign I don’t think that can happen but I’m not trying to find out.

I want to thank y’all for stopping by checking on me. I’m ok hopefully 🙏🏿🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾 praying my ancestors and my ArchAngels continue it shield and guide little ol me. I’m sorry sometimes I get spiritual. Not trying to preach I’m in no position for that. Bless it 🙏🏼

Imma TTYL Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing ✍🏾

💛I believe God Gave Us A Heart To Be a Compass Let Your Heart Lead You To Your Forever(Passion) it will take care of you and make you a happy content person it’ll balance you out💛


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