March 19,2022 💜☮️The Writers Journey ☮️💜

Good day Good day Good day what a beautiful day it is🥰🤩🦋🌷🌷🌷tulips coming up family here from being abroad for a year or more she’s giving up her citizenship I think. She loves it down by the equator I can’t wait to visit I love her (my cousin) so much.

Lyrics 4 You Writing Prompts are Up and Posted . Penning Your Pain Series Episode 1 is up. Topic. War in Ukraine 🇺🇦 Blessings Up. 🥰☮️💜

WIPS At Ninths: Yesterday last night more so around8-9 pm rather than 9 am Time I’m supposed to write one writing session granted me 724 words so I legit watched Top Boy. So Blessings Up. Today imma watch then work on Craft later .

Medic At Ninths : I don’t feel the greatest. Cold and lethargic pretty much. Might take a nap I have a tooth bothering me might have to get it looked at feels like it gonna break or it’s broken I don’t know it’s a strange discomfort.

Menu at Ninths: Vegan Corndogs ketchup bomb orange soda 2-liters 59 cents the knock off brands the best. It’s that time of year to start getting cookout prices🍗🥤🥣🥗

Welp let me start my show before it’s too late. I started my day late at 10:30am this morning time change messing with my equilibrium,

Enjoy your Weekend my dearest Kings👑 and Queens👑 Love y’all. Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope& Keep Writing

🌐🛩Take a jet plane every now and again that’s when you know your truly living🛩🌐


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