March 18,2022 🦋🪁Weekend Writers Workshop🪁🦋


Notion For That Potion

Write 2 poems with a Magic Spell in mind. Becareful what you Conjure up your spell may be power filled whether you believe in Divination or not. Then write a Antidote to the Magic Spell you just finished, spell and antidotes are in 2 separate Poems. This a easy way to make a spell book. Get a book on medicinal plants or plants period. Also get a book on crystals and stones and learn about the properties healing and otherwise. Mix and match plants with stones and plants and other elements of the earth. 

Always Have Fun


Where The Cure At?

Write a fiction Novel Series that has Epedemic and Panedemic Diseases in mind. Like SARS, Corona, Plague, Bird Flu, Biological Warfare etc…. This can be any genre. more so Thriller, Horror, Crime fiction, But every book wouldn’t be a book without a little ROMANCE. That right ROMANCE. Make sure you have a damsel in distress you gotta save. Keep it twisting and turning like the pages of the book. Like I said make a Series each book being different ailments.

Keep It Fresh and New

Always Have Fun

Screen Play:

What Lies Below?

Create a World that lies Underground with it’s own civilization and new creatures and explain how old world meets new world and what is the conflict This can be a love story a adventure thriller Horror or even Fantasy.

Always Have Fun


Gotta Move Fast, Fast, Fast 

Write about a time you had to rush your task at hand. Maybe rush ship an order, Drive fast, Cook fast, Talk fast, Leave fast, etc….. Don’t leave out any details

Always Have Fun


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