March 18,2022 💜☮️The Writers Journey ☮️💜

Top of the morning my dearest friends and HeartBeats family 💗 it’s pretty nippy today we got some much needed rain ☔️ it’s been so dry. This morning I don’t feel the greatest I have nausea my medication make me sicker than well some days but isn’t that how it goes though?🙄😩🤢🥴 I’m cold trying to regulate my inner temperature.

Today is Weekend Writer’s Workshop I’ll get that up and posted in a little while.

WIPS At Ninth’s (The Golden Writers Hour) : Yesterday’s writing sprint allowed me to write 821 words🤩❣️🤩❣️🤩❣️ that a big jump from the 500 word range. I wrote between the Hours of 2-3 pm yesterday. Today imma try and write at 9am for: ( 9am At Ninth’s ) this is a new segment on this blog / site and Twitter.

Imma lay here till the light switch get cut on by the ArchAngels I believe they cut the light on for everybody😩🙄🥰. I have some ideas for Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s I may start the day off working on that WIP then skip back over to Enaji. It’s wet it’s cold don’t want to go outside but got too. It’s a Scandal. Daily’s piss me off and take me out of character. Stomach is acting a fool🤢🥴😩😬 Bless It.

Me and my mentor had a chat about anxiety and taking back the hours that TV has stolen from us. Sometimes TV gives a person Anxiety. News programs the worst. The craft of writing and literature mellows me out. I wish I had a weighted robe or blanket to keep me secure. Those are pricey I bet

I’mma start my day yall have a beautiful writing Day .Don’t let the Unwanteds infiltrate your being. Start Prepping for Camp Nanowrimo it will be here in Two Winks. So y’all get ready🤩 and get pumped I’ve done a lot today already this morning I’m glad I got it done before 9am I’ll be back later todayTTYL ✍🏾Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing ✍🏾

🦋🪁Fly High emerge yourself in the clouds get comfortable let your Craft lead you on a never ending journey of love and joy.-The Ninth Poetess-🪁🦋


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