March 17,2022 💚☘️📗The Writers Journey 📗☘️💚

Top of the morning my dear Kings 👑and Queens 👑 Today is St. Patty’s Day wish I had a corned beef roast and sauerkraut or Head of cabbage and corned beef. I’m unprepared. 😩 just got some dope ideas staying motivated and staying Knee Deep/Eye brow Deep in a WIP. And I needed it. Jenna Moreci is freaking dope❣️ Her vlogs are among Some of the Dopest influencers on AuthorTube she’s Legendary. She has some dope merch I need her pull over that says “I write kick ass books” in my life and her coffee mug that says “Blood of my Enemies” Freaking Dope. And Right now all her merch proceeds goes to Ukraine charity. Imma check and see if she has my size in her pull overs if not I’ll just get a mug ☕️

Make sure you wear your green or someone may pinch you.☘️💚📗 I have digital green on💚☘️📗💚☘️📗 this is my green for the day I hope it’s enough. 😬🙄

I hope your enjoying the Weekly Writing Prompts this week it has me wanting to start a new WIP. We will see. Also imma designate a specific time to work on Craft everyday 9 am For Ninth sounds dope . This may be a new segment to get the low down experience of how I personally feel working on my WIPS. I’m trying to create a habit routine to write 9am is perfect I may be back posting everyday. Which is already habit it habit so much it’s hard to stop that’s how I want my Craft.

Welp dearest family and friends imma stop it here get y’all rest let y’all devices charge. I’ll be around. Bless y’all✳️ Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope& Keep Writing✳️

💚Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out 💚


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