March 12,2022 🎼Lyrics 4 You Writing Prompts🎼

Saving the World From Us

These days are fragile and need healing and love and to put the issues, answers, and frustrations into song is a step forward in trying to heal. All the great Artist that is living and has passed on sang about politics and the world issues that we all deal with. Here a few issues to sing about but you choose and pick what you like to sing about and give awareness on. 

  1. Save the Oceans (Pollution – Over Fishing , Save the Corral Reefs))
  2. Save the Animals(All Animals)
  3. Pollution(Recycling)(Air-Ozone Layers) (Innovators- the ones fighting and combating the world’s pollution)
  4. World Peace (Love-No War)
  5. World- Nation Crime Rates
  6. Breast Cancer Awareness
  7. LGBTQ Rights
  8. BLM Rights
  9. Police Brutality
  10. Any and All Racism
  11. Genocide
  12. Etc………

And these are several issues that may be turned into a beautiful piece of music. Just like taking something negative and turning it into a treasure. I think about this exercise and the first artist I think about that had songs that everybody could resonate with is James Brown and Bob Marley. They sang songs that made a difference. When writing your new lyrics have them in mind. they were Original and had their own style. Everyone took each word they sang to heart and soul. When you can apply a song to your lifestyle you know you have a great piece of art and their songs are truly that.


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